About Rory

For 20+ years I’ve worked as a graphic designer. I started out working for the biggest advertising agency on the south coast in 1998 – Aylesworth Fleming, as a junior designer working my way up through other companies to lead digital designer & art director before going it alone.

Since then i’ve worked for hundreds of agencies as a freelancer, in multiple countries across the world. I’ve worked for small startups to national & international brands, on advertising campaigns and progressive digital applications. I’ve designed, marketed and sold my own physical & digital products, and I’m particularly passionate about serving innovative businesses, helping companies and people who are truly trying to improve other peoples lives – with design thinking.

For the past few years I’ve mostly worked for a handful of medium size organisations, whilst focussing on building my own businesses, and now I’m available for more freelance work, or a job offer if should something good come along.

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My Approach

My foundation was formed working at a fast-pased, high-quality ad agency, producing the best work we could possibly do as quickly as we could do it. Yet, from experience I can tell you the best work is not always done quickly. Some things cannot be rushed. Some work is fast, some is slow, but it will always be the best I can do with the time I have. If it’s not good enough, it just needs more time.

I am heavily influenced by international design and in particular the simplicity and elegance of sterotypical scandanavian design and bold stylish American styles. The best design get’s people’s attention and keeps it. The best design is about great words. But if those words aren’t noticed and legible, they’re lost on you.

My best work could be your next project.