A British freelance digital designer with a versatile background in print and web.

Difficult to confine to one sector, Rory Lawrence is a versatile entrepreneur blending expertise and innovation across industry and geographical boundaries. He is the founder of a new tech startup - a social product discovery network, and is also the creator of MobyMaps - a world map pinboard artwork which is soon to launch on Kickstarter.

Not just business orientated though, Rory has over 10 years experience in advertising and marketing; as well as being a graphic, web and mobile designer for national and international brands and clients. He has established his name in the designing realm across South West England and experienced employment in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently a freelance designer and has been so for the past 8 years, meaning Rory has an established set of his own clients, and exercises a self-motivated leadership style with successful communication capacities. Working with both the technological and artistic, creative modes of work brings a unique advantage to Rorys understanding, communication and facilitation to projects, enabling him to bridge ideas and people into successful ventures, most recently demonstrated with Wishylist.

Interspersing varied work between travelling and work trips to Asia, the Middle East and Australasia (where he briefly dabbled with a career as a cowboy), Rory roots a global perspective and experience to his design and execution. This approach ensures cutting edge ideas, a diversity of clients and projects, as well as informing his desire to work within a socially impacting and environmentally conscience sphere. His immediate focus is to broaden his current projects to further their scope, and widening his professional network; while long term ambitions are to source new projects and clients in additional locations to pursue a diverse and fulfilling portfolio for not only himself, but colleagues and clients too.

I'd love to be involved with more Interactive Projects, Web Applications, and Designing Quality products.
Competent in Web Design; Flash Campaigns, Microsites, Banner Ads, Email Design, Brochures, Leaflets, Posters, Banners, Flyers, Ads, Stationery Design, Logo Design, Retouching, Image-Manipulation, and generally Design through to Finished Artwork.

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