My own art project, a small business, I sell these maps online, all around the world. Inspired my travels, I wanted to create a piece of work – product that was crafted both digitally and by my own hands. Soon I will be selling individual countries & continents too. Check them out here –

Wishylist – your social wish list

This is my own latest venture, a Social Wish List. We've been working on this in Beta since early 2013, aiming to launch 2015.



Happy Accidents, you gotta love em'


Cow Girl

A shot for my branding imagery and cover shots.


Burka Girl

Part of an ongoing project.. just a shot from a photoshoot in Oman recently.

Just experimenting


Currently in early development, it's a time tracking solution ;)

Saba Spa


These illustrations have been created by a dear friend, Elodie Lacaze, for a client project. This will accompany the brand i'm currently working on, and may be used as a giant wall mural or something. I will try to create a series of posters for the spa from these too...


A gallery for fine examples of print design with a focus on materials and finishes. (Not the logo)

Grinding the brand Grinding the brand

Re-Branding Way Moby

For a new start - 10.2010, Freshly back from 18 months of world travel, backpacking, adventure, culture and exploration, i'm hot on re-branding myself. Inspired by several months as a cowboy working on an outback cattle station in Australia, I'm making a branding iron with my new logo on! Maybe a new kind of 'street art' perhaps…I wonder what I'll brand with it ;p



my biggest project, a social network for travelers. Still a lot of work to do...

Burka Girl

Burka Girl

Something i started thinking about a couple of years ago on my first visit to the Middle East. I'm not quite sure what she will become.


A poster I did in 2008 just playing with typography.

spread legs, not lies

A photoshoot I directed for the models own folio. Perhaps I'll find a good project to use the shots for soon...